Sext@'t : an app of confidential information about HIV/AIDS and other Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI)

Sext@'t offers clear and accessible information on the risk of exposure to HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI), and to give support to those who want to have healthy sexual relations.

This app complements other resources of divulgation and information that the Associació Antisida de Lleida provides.

Sext@'t , it features a calculator that offers users a trusty evaluation of the risk of exposure. The app also offers detailed information on Sexually Transmitted Infections and on how to protect yourself against the possibility of contracting them. In addition to the informative component, the app provides users with the geographical location of the care services and NGO’s working in the area. It also offers advice on the reduction of risk in sexual relations.

The community organizations, pharmacies and health centres working in the HIV/AIDS area can incorporate their data and services to this web so they are accessible in the app for anyone interested.

Sext@'t is available for Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) and and offers different versions in Catalan, Spanish, English and French. Find it by "sextat".





Sext@'t   is an adaptation to the context of Catalonia and Spain from the app Sexposer , created by the Portail VIH/ sida duQuébec (PVSQ) team.

This adaptation has been done within the framework of the cooperation agreement between the PVSQ and the Associació Antisida de Lleida (AASL).

The original contents from the English and French version have been checked by Dr. Harold Dion, de la Clínica l'Actuel (Mont-real) i l'AIDS Community Care Mont-real (ACCM).

The translation to Spanish and to Catalan has been carried out by Ares Cabó and revised and adapted by theAASL technical team. The translation to English has been carried out by Ares Navarro and revised and adapted by the AASL’s technical team.

Sext@'t has been possible thanks to the funding of Diputació de Lleida.


This app determines your risk of exposure to Sexually Transmitted Infections according to the available current medical information. The risk estimates are based on verified data but it does not substitute either the specific detection test or the corresponding medical check.